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Design that Turns Readers into Fans!
Book Packaging is more than just a book cover. Allow the Design Concierge to Design a full experience for you and your readers.

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Premade or Custom I've Got You
Book Covers

Book Covers are your book’s first impression. You can lose sales before the reader even sees your blurb without a good cover. It is the first step to solid packaging, make sure your first impression get’s you sales.

Interiors Are About Reader Experience
Interior Formatting

Interior Design is more than making things pretty (though, let’s be honest, that’s what people comment on). Interiors can make books unreadable and unpleasant. You want your story to flow visually without hiccups of orphans and widows ruining the immersive experience.
Get the whole package or grab a template to help your reader’s get sucked into your book even more!

Templates, Custom, and Even Membership & Store Setups
Website Design

To have a website or not? I see this discussion a lot in groups. The answer is obviously, have a website.
Packaging goes beyond the book and into your presence aka branding. Having a consistent and easy to find brand is half the battle of trust with your readers.

Make sure you have a web presence, today. And, why not ask about how you can sell direct to readers too.

Limited Time Free Consults
Packaging & Positioning

What is packaging & positioning? How can you do research and what can you change to get more sales? Find out from a designer that has more than 17 years experience in advertising and marketing.

I can answer these and more questions. Packaging goes beyond covers and blurbs and into your brand. Positioning can not only lead to discoverability but can shape good or bad reviews.
Find out more and increase your sales and get more bang for your buck in advertising.

Design Process In The Blackwoods

Schedule A Consult

  • Step 1

For First Time Client a Consult is required. When you schedule you will receive a questionnaire to fill out so that I can do preliminary research for you and your genre.

Contract & Invoicing

  • Step 2

If we find we are a good match and you are ready to move forward, I send you a detailed contract. In the contract you get licensing details, deliverables, and a timeline for your project. I then require a 30-50% deposit and I will begin your project on our start date.

Concepts & Revision

  • Step 3

Within the first 4 days of our project you will receive your concepts. From here you will choose a direction and make initial revisions. Responses on concepts are required within 24-48 hours to keep us on track.

Final Revisions Finalizing

  • Step 4

Once you have made any large revisions (small changes can be made on most projects after finalizing and is common for paperback files to be held till the book is done with edits.) It's time to finalize the project. At this point I will invoice the remainder of the amount due. Once that invoice is paid I release all final deliverables to you in a Google Drive or Dropbox Folder.

About Me- Jules Duquette
Jules Duquette | Design Concierge
Jules Duquette | Design Concierge

Hi, I’m Jules your Design Concierge.

I have over 17 years of experience in print media and design. From the jump I’ve worked in graphic design, typesetting, and web. (Fun fact: I designed my first website using Netscape at age 12. I am a design nerd.)

I have grown-up alongside Adobe products and in the last 3 years have branched out to 3d design using Daz3d and Blender to provide one-of-a-kind characters. And I’ve been working mostly with Authors for the last 2 years, adapting my design and marketing know-how to the indie space.

If you want a cover, logo, website, and beyond that is tailored to you and your genre, I’m your gal. I’ve clocked in 100s of hours research and still do more every time I get a new client to keep my knowledge up-to-date.

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Free Packaging Consult

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