Book Review: Trope Thesaurus by Jennifer Hilt


Overall rating: 4.75/5★ (lost .25% for not having the Horror genre included)
Writing Style: 5/5★
Easy to Understand: 5/5★
Actionable Steps: 5/5★
Well Organized/Easy to Find Info Looking Back: 5/5★

What is this book about:

This book is about...tropes! I know huge surprise there. No, but this is more than a list of tropes in different genres. This is a book that will help you layer tropes like a pro and learn how to spot tropes as you read. It shows you how popular aka genre fiction writers layer tropes in settings, plots, and characters to create unforgettable fiction!

Who is this for:

All authors of genre fiction. New and old should have this on their desk.

How did it make me feel: Honestly, I'm a nerd so this made me feel very excited. By using this in conjunction with 7 Figure Fiction I think you end up with a system that spells success!

Were there actionable steps that I can/will use:

1000% The chapters are well labeled and set up, making going back very easy. And you can quickly go to your genre for a quick inspirational hit of trope-y yumminess!


Would I reread?: I will definitely be coming back to this again and again.

Was the Blurb/Category Accurate: It was. I think it actually downplays the amount of information you will get.

Did the Cover Match the Subject: Meh. Honestly, I kinda dislike this cover as it looks very DIY and simple. Simple can be great for non-fiction but this is a bit too basic for my liking.

Type: Standalone, but I'm hoping she might make it a series!

Notes on Delivery & Value

Genre(s): Nonfiction, self-publishing, genre fiction writing reference

Pace: fast and fun

Ease of Reading: Very easy to read, I don't think anyone will get lost in the weeds here.

Exercises: More case studies than exercises that work well for this and she does have a small question area at the end of chapters.

Quality of Information: High! This is unique information currently and it is well presented.

Bias toward pantser/plotter/specific genre: She covers genres very broadly and this would work for any kind of writer 

Writing style: Light and conversational.

My Thoughts & Feelings:

Trope Thesaurus is a great companion to 7 figure fiction by T. Taylor.

In 7 figure she talks about going beyond tropes with universal fantasy. What I saw when reading this is that layered tropes basically are universal fantasies! 

If you take and layer tropes and layer tropes for your characters you're getting those characters with depth but a familiar yumminess!

I love that she goes through multiple genres, not just romance here. I'm a little sad that she didn't include a Horror breakdown but the tropes are usable for that genre too. I'd still have loved to see differences there.

This is a good starting place to start building a longer list of tropes and Universal fantasies for yourself. Because this is a good starting place but not the be all end all. Especially with specific subgenres and adding in those reader expectations as you get into mashups etc.

This is a great tool and really gets you thinking. I also like that she included her personal questionnaire for when she is building her outline!



Trope Thesaurus is full of trope-y goodness! Did I make up that word? Yes! If you have read 7 Figure Fiction you need this as a supplement pronto! If you haven't, get both of these now and thank me later! Trope Thesaurus is more than a bunch of tropes all listed in a boring row. Instead, this is really a way to layer complex characters and plots that people will rave about! And I love that she goes into multiple genres with her examples so you're bound to find yours!

Should You Buy It? If you are a writer that is serious about writing compelling stories - YES

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